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Best branded program


With a consistent brand identity you can capture and keep valuable customers. A loyalty program presents an opportunity to flex your identity in a clear and coherent way.

Open the chapter below to see whose loyalty branding we consider as best-in-class.

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Best use of loyalty tiers


Loyalty tiers give members more desirable and exclusive rewards the more they spend and engage. They also show there’s always something of value within reach, increasing the motivation to spend further.

Open the chapter below to see the tiered-based programs that are ticking all the boxes.

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Best use of subscriptions


If you’re a subscription-based brand, or have a subscription product in your inventory, setting up a loyalty program will help you to attract new shoppers and to keep the ones you’ve already got.

Check out who's using their loyalty program attract more subscribers. 

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Best use of reviews


One key part of a customer’s journey to purchase is to read reviews from other shoppers. By rewarding shoppers each time they leave feedback, you gather more social proof and can convert customers faster.

Here's how you can use a loyalty program to drive more reviews.

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Best use of referrals


Referred customers have a 16% larger lifetime value than customers brought in via other tactics.

By opening the chapter below you'll learn how to use your loyalty program to reward a customer every time they recommend your brand to others.

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Best loyalty promotions

HubSpot Video

Your loyalty program won’t take off unless you shout about it. 

Watch the interview and open the chapter below to see examples from a leading brand who is effectively using loyalty promotions to increase sign-ups and revenue.

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Best health and wellness program

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As an up-and-coming health and wellness brand, you need to capture and keep new customers.

Take a look at the health and wellness brands who are using a loyalty program as their competitive advantage.

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Best fashion and apparel program

Fashion and apparel loyalty program

In fashion, competition is fierce and if you want a share of the profits, your store needs to stand out. Loyalty programs allow fashion retailers everywhere to give their shoppers high-end customer experiences.

Get the fashion and apparel chapter to see which brands are succeeding with their loyalty program. 

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Best pets program

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Recently, pet care products have seen an uptick in demand. People are willing to spend more to treat their furry fellows and now is the time for digital-first pet brands to shine.

Check out the chapter and interview to learn how one pet brand made loyalty its best friend.

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Best food and beverage program

Food and beverage

Today, more foodies are snapping up new brands outside of the supermarket shelves. With the right loyalty strategy, food and drink retailers will ensure their longevity and success.

Open the chapter for this year’s tastiest examples of food and drinks programs.

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Best beauty and cosmetics program


As a beauty and cosmetics brand, a rewards program can help you to keep your brand fans and draw new shoppers in.

Click below to see the beauty brands who have had glow-up thanks to their loyalty program.

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Best omnichannel program


As the number of ecomerce touch points increases, so does the need for a seamless customer experience on and offline. 

See who has effectively used their loyalty program to break down the barriers between channels and unite the experience wherever their customers shop.

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Best use of social media

HubSpot Video

By creating a strong, honest social media presence you can transform everyday users into loyal brand fans. 

Open the chapter and watch the interview to learn how to use social media to engage customers and drive excitement around your brand.

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Best community initiative


Beyond great prices and supreme customer service, shoppers want to feel brand affinity towards the stores they shop from. With this desire comes the feeling of wanting to be a part of a wider community. 

Read the chapter below to see how to use your loyalty program to build a brand community.

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Best use of email

HubSpot Video

Loyalty emails have a 2.5x higher open rate than the industry average. 

Open the chapter and watch the interview to see why and how to effectively marry your loyalty program with your email marketing.

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Best use of rules and rewards

rules and rewards]

All loyalty programs need rules shoppers can complete for points and rewards to show customers they’re valued. But you don’t have to be cookie-cutter in your approach.

Have a look at the loyalty leaders who are mixing up their approaches to rules and rewards.

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Best integrated marketing strategy

marketing strategy

A united marketing strategy provides a consistent picture of your brand wherever shoppers engage. 

Get the chapter below to see how to make a loyalty program part of your wider marketing approach.

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Best overall loyalty strategy


It’s all well and good to aspire to have a loyalty program, but without careful planning, you won’t see a positive ROI. 

Open the chapter to see which brand has effectively implemented a loyalty strategy that stands the test of time.

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