Look Forward: How to scale your ecommerce business

Use your current customers as the building blocks for long-term revenue growth

Advanced ebooks and expert webinars covering scale at each stage of the customer journey. 

We brought leading ecommerce experts together to offer advice on how to scale your store across the customer journey. We’ll show you quick wins for banking more revenue, and help you lay solid foundations for the future you.

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You’ll hear insights from: 

Scaling your ecommerce store - LoyaltyLion and partners

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Fiona from LoyaltyLion, Katie from Octane and Phil from Shogun speaking on acquiring customers

Scale acquisition

Learn how to acquire the right kind of customers who stick around and grow with you.

We’ll chat loyalty, the importance of your store’s layout and optimized lists with Shogun and Octane AI, hosted by LoyaltyLion. 



Speakers for scaling campaign (conversion)

Scale conversion

Learn how to better optimize for conversions and meet your revenue targets. 

We’ll cover emotional connections, leveled-up personalization and flexible payment solutions with Dynamic Yield and Klarna.



Speakers from Skubana,reamaze and Shipbob

Scale fulfillment

Beat Amazon at its own game and put a fulfillment infrastructure in place that scales with you while delighting customers.

Listen in on ShipBob, Skubana and Re:amaze as we discuss fulfillment methods that elevate your customer service capabilities, are agile and multi-channel.



Post-purchase speakers Listrak, Okendo and LoyaltyLionScale post-purchase

Use the post-purchase moment to turn at-risk shoppers into life-long customers that return, shop and contribute to your long-term growth. 

Okendo and Listrak will be joining us to chat personalized post-purchase campaigns, reviews and long-term loyalty.