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12 ecommerce trends for 2019 – part three

The year of the customer – 12 ecommerce trends for 2019 looks at the impact 2018 had on retail and brings together insights from 11 of our industry-leading technology partners. This part shares ways to improve your customer service capabilities, new channels for one-to-one communication, the future of site search and the rise of alternative payments. 

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What does part three include?

Our third and final part holds innovative, forward-facing customer service, site search and alternative payment strategies guaranteed to make your store stand out this year.

  • Gorgias: Changing the customer service department from a cost centre to a revenue generator
  • Justuno: Taking one-to-one communications to new channels in 2019
  • Searchanise: The future relationship between site search and AI
  • Klarna: Old ways to pay are so passé: 2019 and the rise of alternative payments

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