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12 ecommerce trends for 2019 – part two

In three parts over three weeks, The year of the customer – 12 ecommerce trends for 2019 looks at the impact 2018 had on retail and brings together insights from 11 of our industry-leading technology partners. Part two looks at how to optimise workflows, the power of customer relationships, new opportunities for omnichannel marketing and the future of personalisation. 

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What does part two include?


In part two of this ebook, each chapter provides expert advice that will help retailers improve the customer experience and optimise their on-site performance in 2019.

  • Shopify Plus: Do more by working less in 2019
  • Okendo: Building customer communities
  • Brightpearl: The rise of omnichannel adoption for independent retailers
  • LimeSpot: Ecommerce sites using AI to outpace those without it

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