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12 ecommerce trends for 2019 – part one

In three parts over three weeks, The year of the customer – 12 ecommerce trends for 2019 looks at the impact 2018 had on retail and brings together insights from 11 of our industry-leading technology partners. In part one we explore how to harness your customers' loyalty, the value of subscriptions, new retargeting strategies and how to elevate your email marketing approach this year. 

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What does part one include?


Part one includes insights from experts in customer loyalty, subscriptions, retargeting and email marketing. Join us as we explore fresh approaches to improving your brand and rising above the competition.
  • LoyaltyLion: Earn loyalty by nurturing trust in 2019
  • ReCharge: Why adding subscriptions to an ecommerce store makes perfect sense in 2019
  • Shoelace: A journey your customers will remember in 2019
  • Omnisend: The move to omnichannel marketing automation: What to do when email just isn’t enough


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