Community Matters: Lifting the lid on customer communities

Think you’ve got a customer community? Think again

You might have Drifters and Lurkers on your hands that are unengaged. And those Supporters you think are your BFFs... there’s potential to make them true Insiders.

Don’t get unfriended – or worse, ghosted – by your community. Instead:

👀 Break your mental model and understand what “community” really means

🔥 Find out who makes up your customer community

✨ Learn how to create a community of Insiders

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The Community Matters magazine including: a Community Matrix, Community Personas, and insights into what customers want from your community. 

Advice on how to use your channels (from email to pop-ups) to engage your community written by:

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Recordings of our series of Ask Me Anything sessions and interviews with Glamnetic and Astrid & Miyu.

In AMA session one you'll learn:

    • How community building has evolved since the acceleration of ecommerce 🏎
    • How subscriptions and retention work together to increase the lifetime value of community members 📦
    • The role owned channels – like email and SMS – play in community building? 📬
    • How customer support helps grow an engaged customer community? 🙌



In AMA session two you'll learn:

    • How to really get to know your community and how to track it 🤩
    • The conversions that are important to building a community and how to optimize them 🤖
    • How reviews help create a stronger customer community ⭐️
    • The first steps to take to build a community 👣

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In AMA session three you'll learn:

    • How to promote your community through your site and keep it on-brand 🎨
    • The best ways to promote your community to people who haven't joined yet 📣
    • If it's better to keep your community open and public or by invitation only 🔒

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Community Matters spotlight on Glamnetic and Astrid & Miyu

Learn how the best in the business took their communities from zero to hero.

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Convinced that community matters to your business?

Talk to a member of the LoyaltyLion team and build a community that drives long-term revenue and even longer-lasting relationships.

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