Ecommerce Trends 2024

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We go deep on what we think is going to be BIG in 2024 - and how you can use it to make this your biggest year ever. 

2023 has witnessed a surge in competition in the ecommerce space, with an estimated 4.1 million live sites using Shopify right now. Yet only 2.86% of ecommerce website visits convert into a purchase. 

So, how can brands possibly win in 2024?

Tune in to learn what's going to be big in ecommerce, and how you can leverage these trends for success ✨

Here’s just some of what our experts will cover:

  • Why rewards will become even more rewarding
  • Why AI will be transforming ecommerce in 2024 (in a good way!)
  • Why mobile apps are the key to retention 
  • Why leaning into post-purchase survey data is your way to driving even more revenue 

 🗣️ Our panel includes guest speakers from:

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