12 trends, 12 ecommerce experts, 12 tactics to implement for ecommerce growth in 2020.

Hear from industry-leading ecommerce experts as they talk us through their top trend for growth in 2020.  This virtual bootcamp leaves you equipt with future-proofing tasks to add to your to-do list.

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Speakers include:

🗣️ Shopify Plus: Headless commerce is flexible commerce

🗣️ Nosto: Self-improvement on autopilot: The age of continuous optimisation

🗣️ LoyaltyLion: Customer loyalty in the age of ethical ecommerce

🗣️ Shoelace: Retention is changing the face of paid marketing

🗣️ Klaviyo: Reclaiming your customer relationships through owned marketing

🗣️ We Make Websites: Default to DTC

🗣️ Privy: Multichannel Marketing - email, Facebook Messenger, and SMS strategies for 2020

🗣️ Glew: Why you need a single source of truth to grow your business in 2020

🗣️ Klevu: 2020 | The future is conversational 🔍 

🗣️ Gorgias: Transforming customer service into a profit centre

🗣️ PushOwl: Web Push Notifications are an owned marketing channel you must try in 2020